Compassionate Pet Cremation Services


About Us

Sienna Sky is a privately owned business whose staff are animal lovers and pet owners.  We understand the devastation and grief of losing a beloved animal companion and are dedicated to providing clients with respectful and fully transparent care of their pets after their passing.

All of our staff members are certified pet crematory operators who apprenticed with Karen Walker, former owner of Buddy’s Place LLC in Hudson, New York.   Karen started Buddy’s Place in 2005 to ensure that pets receive gentle and ethical treatment after their passing.  Buddy was her beloved basset hound who was euthanized at home surrounded by his family and then lovingly wrapped in his special blanket and handed over to the veterinarian for cremation and return of ashes. Karen was inconsolable for the next two years, frequently saying that she felt something was terribly wrong and "Buddy was lost."  In 1997, her heart was broken once again when she learned of the arrest of a crematory operator who had contracted with local animal hospitals.  He had addressed the high cost of cremator maintenance and fuel very simply: he dumped the animals in a huge ditch on a rural farm and gave people urns with wood ashes. Buddy had indeed never made it home. 

After 13 years of providing quality pet aftercare at Buddy’s Place, Karen retired in 2018.  The owner and staff at Sienna Sky trained with Karen and continue to provide the same individualized, caring service.  The business was renamed Sienna Sky, which denotes the color of the horizon at sunset – a time of closure.  It also acknowledges the use of sunlight via solar panels to assist each pet’s transition to the next stage of their journey.

 Sienna Sky donates a portion of all profits to the The Lily Pond, a nonprofit animal sanctuary that provides lifetime home and quality care to dogs, cats, horses, and parrots in need.